Ben Hardy (6 Underground) : “Ryan Reynolds is generous as an actor” (Interview)

6 Underground : Ben Hardy has he made himself the scenes of parkour ? The actor responds in an interview with PRBK

After the saga Transformers, Michael Bay is back with 6 Underground, a film completely crazy and quite spectacular to explore on Netflix ! At casting, we found Ryan Reynolds, Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Ben Hardy or Corey Hawkins. PRBK has had the opportunity to interview Ben Hardy for the promo of the film.

We knew Michael Bay a fan of action, explosions and special effects, but with his new film 6 Underground, he has placed the bar even higher. There is not a single minute of pause and you take it in full view for two hours : the feature film with Ryan Reynolds seems to be even more impressive when Ben Hardy entrusts PRBK that nothing was shot on a green background. Everything is real, even the cascades. The scenario still leaves something to be desired, but in terms of real, you can’t say anything negative.

“My brain told me that I was going to die”

The elite unit made up of “ghosts” in 6 Underground, available on Netflix, and is formed by Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona, Dave Franco, Corey Hawkins and Ben Hardy, that impresses with its scenes of parkour, but does it all himself ?

I did what I could. I’ve done some scenes, but the sequences of extremes were performed by a lining. I would have liked to do more, to be honest. If there is a sequel, I supplierais to add it to my contract and give them my life. I don’t like the liners in the movies, but these guys are extremely talented. For several reasons, we did not have the time to train and I’ve not been able to do everything to insurance issues, “explains the performer of the Four in the interview with PRBK.

Ben Hardy is then asked about the scene the more difficult it has turned : “It was my first day, I had just met the liners to the waterfalls. I had to trust them to support me when I had a harness and I was in the top of the dome. I tried not to look down, but it was complicated. I was terrified. I told myself that I wasn’t going to get there. And then there was the helicopter that made the rounds to film the scene. As it was a lot of noise, Michael Bay had a megaphone to shout out the directions. And at the same time, one had to be in-sync with a chase through the streets of Florence. I was a element in all of this and I had not messed up. My brain told me that I was going to die, but a good one that has the chance to make it in life ?

“Ryan Reynolds is a bit of a leader”

During this interview, we also learn about Ryan Reynolds. This is what we confessed the actor seen in Bohemian Rhapsody : “I can just talk about how much he is pleasant, attentive and generous. As an actor, he is generous. There was a lot of improvisation in this film and he is used to improvising in comedy. It was very generous of that side, and offered ideas and lines of dialogue, he told us to change our sentence. It is also very funny as we know. It was really nice and it is a bit of a leader on-screen and behind.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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