Ben Mulroney quits the animation of “Etalk” to give his seat to diversity

Ben Mulroney quitte l'animation de «Etalk» pour céder sa place à la diversité

Shaken by a scandal involving his wife Jessica, son of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, Ben, announced Monday he is leaving the animation of the tv show “Etalk” at CTV.

“I love my wife, but this is not for me to speak for her. Together, we are committed to make steps to learn more and better understand the racism against Blacks,” said her husband, Ben Mulroney, in the context of its current affairs show “Your Morning”, he also manages to CTV.

In doing so, Mr. Mulroney announced his departure from the animation of “Etalk”, while adding that he will continue to collaborate with the issuance of new on stars. “I hope that the new presenter will be Black, aboriginal or a person of color,” he said.

“I recognize that my privilege [of being White] helped me a lot and, although I’ve certainly worked hard to develop my career, I know that systemic racism and injustice to help people like me, and harm those who are not like me, often in a way that’s invisible to us. It has to change!”, has also argued Ben Mulroney.

Jessica Mulroney, in particular, is known to be a good friend of Meghan Markle, become the duchess of Sussex, was caught in a controversy after an exchange with the influenceuse Sasha Exeter on the issue of racism. The latter has accused Jessica Mulroney of seeking to “silence a black woman.”

In the wake of this exchange, stormy, several programs and companies have cut their business ties with Jessica Mulroney, while the latter apologized on his account Instagram. She explained that she had misinterpreted a call on social media to support the movement, “Black Live Matter” as a personal attack.

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