Benjamin Castaldi down by Cindy Lopes : “He is arrogant” and “has no talent, he sucks”

Benjamin Castaldi taclé par Cindy Lopes : "Il est arrogant" et "n'a aucun talent, il est nul"

Benjamin Castaldi down by Cindy Lopes : “He is arrogant” and “has no talent, he sucks”

In the promo for her new show LoPES… TACKLE!, Cindy Lopes is back on his experience in Secret Story 3. The former candidate, who had come up in the final of the game of reality tv shows animated at the time by Benjamin Castaldi, then, clasher, the former host of the show. She said that the predecessor of Christophe Beaugrand, now a columnist in TPMP on C8, is “arrogant”, “has no talent” and that it “sucks”.

Benjamin Castaldi, “I can’t blainey”

While Benjamin Castaldi has revealed in TPMP on C8 that Moundir could be replaced by Pascal Soëtens to the animation of Moundir and apprentices adventurers on W9, it was severely down by Cindy Lopes. This Friday, January 24, 2020, the finalist of Secret Story 3 was the guest of Jordan Luxury in the show moment of luxury on Non Stop People. Coming to the promo of his show LoPES… TACKLE!, which will be played from the 5th of march at the Theatre of The Blancs Manteaux, it is returned to the former presenter of Secret Story.

“The Castaldi… I have a hard time. He was behind his prompter, he’s not interested in nothing other than his teleprompter. I find that it is very arrogant, son to dad, insulting, haughty” then let go of Cindy Lopes about the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi. “I can’t blainey, in fact,” has even confessed to the one who became a mother to a daughter in 2017, “This guy told me he pissed off”.

“This is the kind of guy pushy”

Viewers who followed the season of the game of reality tv which was won by Emilie Nef Naf remember, however, that Cindy Lopes dragging openly Benjamin Castaldi at the time. “It is true that I had to turn it on a little heavily when I was a candidate of Secret Story but this guy… He is very haughty, this is the kind of guy pushy, he has no talent, he sucks” she said.

The former candidate for reality tv has confided to no longer follow the talk-show, Cyril Hanouna when it is Benjamin Castaldi who replaces him : “I, the Friday I don’t watch TPMP because it is him. He asks questions to the people, it bounces off not even on the answer !”. And if she was invited in the issue of “Baba”, would go despite the presence of Benjamin Castaldi ? “It would be complicated but if it just reads the prompter, it can do that,” she said, “It is difficult for me, at a time I was not looking, because he was very present”.

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