Benoit Dutrizac's career in five souvenir photos

The career of Benoit Dutrizac in five souvenir photos


The student

A photo taken during a student shoot in 1984. Benoît, 23, had already been a critic for the magazine dedicated to to music, Quebec Rock. It was three years before the publication of his first novel A picture is worth a thousand deaths. The young man will study cinema and journalism at university.


Prolific author

Photo taken by a friend (Benoit Richard) in 1988. At the time, Benoît Dutrizac was writing his novel Kafka Kalmar: une crucifiction, published the following year. He will release another novel two years later, Sarah la givrée. He will publish several novels, collections and essays throughout his career, in addition to collaborating on film scripts.

Beginning of Francs-tireurs

25 years ago, in 1998, the first three hosts of the program Les Francs-tireurs, Laurent Saulnier, Benoît Dutrizac and Richard Martineau, were preparing to host this biting magazine without suspecting that it was going to become the Télé-Québec's flagship program until 2020. With the fiery nature that we know him, Benoît will have the chance to carry out countless interviews and… a few escapades.


Already 20 years ago, Richard Martineau and Benoît Dutrizac took part in the huge gay pride parade in 2003, in the streets of Montreal, dressed as the pope, in order to denounce the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church regarding marriage. cheerful. The Francs-tireurs won a second Gémeaux prize that year for the best animation of a socio-cultural magazine. 

Électron libre

L' host, dismissed from the Francs-tireurs in 2005 for his incendiary remarks, made a new start at the Journal du midi de TQS (Noovo) in 2006, then he joined the 98.5 team the following year, at the helm of the noon show, replacing Gilles Proulx. The rebellious will remain at 98.5 for almost ten years before being… thanked. He had since returned to the Francs-tireurs!

  • Benoît Dutrizac returns to television with the new show, C'tu just me? He entrusts you with his questions about money, immortality, screens, animals, teachers, anger, the apocalypse and meals. With his guests, he realizes that he is not the only one asking these questions. To see from February 20, 9 p.m. on Moi & Co.
  • The host has been at the helm since 2018 of the daily program that bears his name on digital radio QUB radio. Surrounded by excellent columnists, including retired judge Nicole Gibeault, Dr Richard Béliveau, animators Richard Martineau, Sophie Durocher, Antoine Robitaille and Philippe-Vincent Foisy. Live at 11 a.m. on and the best moments of the week repeated in one-hour format, Saturdays 3 p.m. and Sundays 1 p.m.