Benoit McGinnis and Jules, the gentle emperor

Benedict McGinnis and Jules, the nice emperor


Jules is a male goldendoodle who turned 2 last September. Calm, gentle, sociable and balanced: he is the perfect dog and Benoit McGinnis is happy to have had and taken the necessary time when Jules was a puppy.

1. What is the reason that led you to have this dog?

When I was young, I always had dogs. During the pandemic, I wanted to have one of my own. It was the perfect time to raise a puppy, because I had a lot of time for him. In retrospect, I'm so glad I had that time in the first year to raise him well. I took all the tools at my disposal. I did business with a dog trainer from the beginning and I referred to him often to use the right learning methods. I wanted to be a good “dad” for my dog! I am very satisfied with this work!

2. Why did you choose this name?

I wanted a human name. I did a Google search for old names: Henri, Arthur, etc. Jules, that sounded good! Nothing to do with Julius Caesar. No, Jules is a “gentle emperor” !

3. Why are you more “chat” or “dog” ?

More dog. I like the relationship with them. With dogs, it's more alive. They are more present. We can be activity partners. Jules likes to go out with me, whether in the mountains or at the lake, at my parents' house. He follows me in all my activities: by car, by boat at my parents' cottage, etc. He likes to visit.

4. How to describe in a few sentences the personality of Jules?

He is gentle, calm and noble. He is soothing in nature. He is very obedient. He has this little something human: he looks everyone in the eye. He loves everyone, dogs or humans, and is super sociable. I would say he is a balanced dog. He is the perfect dog!

5. What is his favorite activity?

He loves water. Whether it's a lake or a swimming pool, it's great! He always rushes into the water if he is not attached. At Jarry Park, if I let him free, he is sure to jump into the small lake.

6. What is his favorite place?

My bed. I know… I resisted the temptation, but I gave in and he was allowed to move in. I put a blanket over my bed for him. Otherwise, in summer, he likes to lie down on the grass, in the shade, and watch people go by.

7. What would you have liked to have known before getting Jules?

Until you have a puppy, you can never know how demanding it is. All the learning to do… You have to be very involved with a puppy if you want it to go well afterwards.

8. Who takes care of your animal when you leave?

My parents who are in the countryside are the official guardians. For everyday life, if I have a shoot for example, I have him kept at Muzo, a dog daycare center that offers transportation.

About Benoit McGinnis:

Well-known comedian (Another Story, 30 Lives, Trauma, etc.), he will play Hedwig in the musical Hedwig and the Raging Thumb, on tour from January 2023. We saw him in his stage costume at the last ADISQ gala. We can also see him in January on the new musical variety Zénith (Ici tele) as well as in the series Alertes (TVA) where he will become a regular character.