Bereaved families outraged by the protests anti-mask

Des proches endeuill├ęs outr├ęs par les manifestations anti-masque

Relatives of people who have succumbed to the COVID-19 wish that those who do not believe in the usefulness of wearing a mask to understand the importance of these sanitary measures.

The father of Julie Mak is among the top five in the CHSLD Notre-Dame-de-la-Thank-you-to-be who died after being infected with the COVID-19.

“It is a pity because, my father, it was him, he was cautious, and it has led to the pandemic,” she said.

It is believed that his father, Paul Mak, would always be at his side if the visitors that have taken the virus in the home had at least worn a mask.

“A mask, it is very important. We don’t know if it will help, but at least we’re not going to kill other people. It is not known if there is a carrier or not. It is a killer invisible, and my father, unfortunately, was not protected,” says Julie Mak.

For his part, Olivier Nguyen wants to remind those who believe themselves to be invincible as the virus can be fatal, even for people who are healthy.

“It is true that it affects many people who are vulnerable, but it has also affected my father, a youngish man of 48 years old who was very active. He was doing sport three times a week, and the COVID-19 was still taken with him,” he says.

His father, Thuong Nguyen, was attendant to the beneficiaries at the Jean-Talon Hospital, Montreal. He died in the last few weeks after being infected with the COVID-19. As well as being in good health, he has developed severe complications, including bleeding in the lungs.

“The people who believe they are truly invincible, who believe that their immune system is strong enough, it should be noted that there is not yet enough confident and certain of all that is happening in connection with the COVID-19”, warns Olivier Nguyen.

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