Bernard Adamus makes his mea culpa: “sex and alcohol are too often poorly mixed”

Bernard Adamus fait son mea culpa: «Le sexe et l’alcool se sont trop souvent mal mélangés»

Bernard Adamus has admitted to having been ” vulgar, rude, arrogant and very drunk too often, a few hours after having been dumped by her record label Dare To Care following allegations of sexual misconduct against a social network.

In a long message of apology posted on Instagram, the folk singer has made a long mea culpa in which he argues that “sex and alcohol are too often poorly mixed in my very tumultuous life since 10 years in the music industry here”.

“My apologies,” he adds later, will not change the facts, and to be here to you write it, makes me see that I need to work harder on my faults, my habits and my behaviour with women.”

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Adamus suggests that it has started to address his alcohol problem and that it is more than time “to give a big bang bar in my existence”.

He will take a break to work on himself. “It goes without saying that I have an immense amount of work to do on me before we continue anything.”

“To all the women that I have offended, I apologize deeply. I am open to the conversation, I’m not hard to find. Thank you for reading. Once again, I apologize.”

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