Bernard Fortin's career in five souvenir photos

Bernard Fortin's career in five souvenir photos


Thunderbolt duo

32 years ago, with his stage accomplice, Patrice L'Écuyer, with whom he presented the show Thank you very much< /em> for three years across Quebec in the early 90s. Much success with their characters, the duo Jacques and Normand. Together, they also hosted at CKOI. 

The Eternal Teenager

Alongside his sister Caro (Guylaine Tremblay), Bernard Fortin in the skin of Rodrigue “ Rod ” Paré, the “mother’s boy” from Little Life. Like most of the actors in the cult Radio-Canada series created in 1993, he will soon resume his famous character. 

The actor

Alongside Benoît Brière in the biographical miniseries Cher Olivier on the life of Olivier Guimond. Bernard played the actor Denis Drouin, the stooge of the famous comedian on stage. Directed by the late André Melançon, the series broadcast on TVA in 1997 was a huge success. 

De la voix !

Fall 1997, Bernard Fortin, 40, won the Gémeau prize for best supporting actor that year for the role of Denis Drouin in the series Cher Olivier. Very active in dubbing, he was already the voice of Tom Hanks for nearly 10 years. He has dubbed nearly 200 films and series in his career. 

Proud dad

In the most beautiful role of his life, that of father, Bernard attended the launch of his beautiful daughters Corinne and Virginie's musical group, Which is Which, in 2012, already more than ten years ago. The two women, singers and actresses, follow in the footsteps of their father. He is also the father of a son, Simon.

  • Bernard Fortin is in the excellent play The dinner of idiots in the skin of civil servant Lucien Cheval, alongside Laurent Paquin (the idiot) Normand D'Amour, René Simard, Pascale Montreuil and Gabrielle Fontaine. Directed by André Robitaille. Big success on tour of Quebec. See
  • We will find the actor in his role as Rod Paré in La petite vie< /em>, alongside famous characters from the series (except Serge Thériault). The six new episodes of Claude Meunier, shot 30 years later by the same director, Pierre Séguin, in the same sets, still in front of an audience, will be broadcast on ICI Extra in 2023-2024.
  • Bernard Fortin is from the third season of the hilarious series La Maison bleue, alongside Guy Nadon , President of the Republic of Quebec. See it again on
  • The actor plays the role of Charlie Thompson in the series Completely high school , crazy parody of programs for American teens by Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and Rosalie Vaillancourt. Review on Crave or