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The acclaimed Comedy Antonio Lukic “Moï pillows tih” so impressed the audience that in March due to the additional screening is a great opportunity to take mum to the movies on March 8!

Лучший фильм на 8 Марта: пять причин посмотреть фильм "Мої думки тихі" с мамой

A scene from the movie “Moï pillows tih”

The story is the debut full-length Antonio Lukic revolves around a freelancer Vadim Rotta, who agrees to the recording of animal sounds from Transcarpathia. The main character goes to a new embodiment of his dreams with his mother, which complicates this journey my hyperopia. It can also be understood, after all, except the son, she has no one and she doesn’t want to be alone. In the journey for the main trophy – the sounds of Rakhiv krisna or krisna fussy family will have to go through a few tantrums and to find common ground. We offer five reasons why you should watch the movie “Moï pillows tih” on the big screen with my mom.

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Acting Duo of Irma Vitovska and Andrew Ludogoscha

Acting Irma Vitovska seems to need no remarks. For their roles in film, theater and television she has received the award “Kinokolo”, “Golden Duke”, “triumph” and “Golden pectoral”. One can endlessly list the TV shows and movies where Irma Vitovskaya took part, but nevertheless is one of the few Actresses emotional range which can compete with the world’s movie stars. “Moï pillows tih” it is give to verify this. With the lead, and, still more interesting, because he’s been collaborating with Antonio Lukic in short metres away. Unlike the previous work of the Director “In Manchester it is raining” Andrew Lidagovskiy has grown significantly in professional terms. Besides, he plays well in tone. Paired with Irma Vitovskaya, they form the model family, which is understandable to everyone. And it looks like two actors quite naturally and organically.


When it comes to recognition of images, it’s not just about the two main actors. Antonio Lukic picked by the casting Director of these types, so they can be easily guessed, such as border guards near Romania and without form. But this is just a baby crying in the train “Kyiv-Uzhgorod”, the businessman is a foreigner, which wants Ukraine to switch to Ukrainian, and even two monks of the Kingdom of Hungary XV century have a fairly authentic look. Although it is difficult to confirm made, because up to the present day none of them survived. One of the main reasons for this approximation to reality is a language that got rid of the literary and finally became a household. So your mom can catch a few resourceful statements.

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Humor for the whole family

Comedy is often calculated on audience at the age from zero to hundreds, but the debut of Antonio lukić been defined already under the influence of the promotional campaign, not from the first idea before the shooting. Therefore, the humor understandable for everyone – it is suitable for the widest possible audience. However, from the mouth Ludogoscha still POPs up one strong language, for which he will certainly be punished by the mother. In this episode, the Director builds on the paradoxical nature of humor, because the mother of small stature has his tall son on the lips, and to watch this without a smile is impossible. “Moï pillows tih” is also anti-aging a movie, because not playing to age groups. Everyone can find a clear message for themselves, because the main characters fall into situations from which even quite adequate person could not leave without the awkwardness.


Tape can still surprise and variety of the musical scale. Antonio Lukic, he picked songs and wrote under them the script, and so the question about changing the tracks does not arise. Petrovany soundtrack, like from a computer game, coming to the story of Vadim, who went to record the animal sounds for the aforementioned video games. One track gradually moves from one frame to another, creating a logical connection between the episodes. This bridge is reinforced and the main theme that will pamper you and your mother Church – a cover of Viva Forever by the Spice Girls. Right on track, cost a lot, but it is a worthwhile cost, because the significance of the song for the main characters of the film weighs too much.

Tour of Ukraine

This is not a travel blog, but “Moï pillows tikh” can safely be called a road movie. Twerk in racy “Volkswagen” my mom goes a long way in search of Rakhiv krisna. And Director took the opportunity to show Uzhgorod cherry blossoms and marsh meadows, and open mountain expanses. Interestingly, the footage does not resemble the pursuit of the beautiful. There was a place for everyday life. Animals, sounds, which collects the main character, too, as the selection: goats, parrots, pigs, buffaloes and ostriches ducks. Mom hardly soon will manage to get out on such a journey by car, but a trip to the cinema requires much less effort. Therefore, such a conditional National Geographic in our Carpathians meets the minimum requirements to get into the mountains.

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Лучший фильм на 8 Марта: пять причин посмотреть фильм "Мої думки тихі" с мамой

Лучший фильм на 8 Марта: пять причин посмотреть фильм "Мої думки тихі" с мамой

Лучший фильм на 8 Марта: пять причин посмотреть фильм "Мої думки тихі" с мамой

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