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Лучшие военные фильмы к 9 Мая - подборка

A scene from the movie “the imitation Game”

May 9, Ukraine celebrated the Day of victory over Nazism in the Second world war. Across the country planned to more than 1,200 events, which are planned 600 thousand.

For those who are planning this day to stay at home, “Today” has made a small selection of films about the war, victory, love and death.

“The imitation game”

“Schindler’s List”

The story, based on real events. The story of the exploits of a German businessman Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson during the Second world war. As a member of the Nazi party, Schindler gets access to the file of Auschwitz and comes to give life and freedom to the greatest possible number of Polish prisoners of Jewish origin.

The film received seven Oscars and eighth place in the national list of best American films. And the Creator of this three-hour films is Steven Spielberg. The tape is really morally difficult and really excellent.

“The pianist”

This adaptation of the autobiography of Polish pianist Wladyslaw szpilman, who brought the Director to Roman Polanski’s “the Golden palm” the Cannes film festival. Szpilman played by Adrien Brody and received the role of “Oscar”. Monodrama, it turns out, can be really exciting movie.

During the occupation by the Nazis of the Polish pianist szpilman finds himself in the Warsaw ghetto and only narrowly avoided sending in a concentration camp. He’s hiding in an empty house, but one day catches the eye of a German, who is a music lover.

“Go to fight some “old”

War film “go To fight some “old men” was directed by Leonid Bykov, 1973. The film shows harsh fighting everyday guards fighter aviation regiment during the war during the liberation of Ukraine. Returning from combat fighter pilots, but not even having lunch we again go into battle. From this battle he returned all but the squadron commander – captain Titarenko, who, incidentally, played the Bulls. But when he stopped to wait on the tarmac sits the “Messerschmitt”, and in it captain Titarenko. He was shot down behind enemy lines, but the pilots from the airfield helped him out by giving him a trophy. As events unfolded further, look at the full version of the film.

“The dawns here are quiet…” (2015)

The events take place in may 1942 in Karelia. A brutal war gained steam, but here, away from the front line, life goes on quietly and steadily. Sergeant Vaskov takes command of a battalion of recruits, consisting of young female anti-aircraft gunners. Soon he becomes aware that in the forest landed German troops, with the aim to get to the Kirov railroad and capture this strategically important facility. It is not simple soldiers, Marines, and experienced commandos, are elite troops of the SS. The number of the enemy is not known, but that’s not stopping the petty officer who, together with five female volunteers, ready to do everything possible to thwart the plans of the enemy. Whether to prevent diversion, and at what cost?

Recall one more incredible story about love in wartime audience of the TV channel “Ukraine” will be presented on 9 may. This 12-part Saga of love “another life” produced by Star Media. The story takes place during the dramatic 16 years – from 1939 to 1955. This is the story of four heroes who will face the most terrifying ordeal – the war and postwar repression.

The series premiere of “Alien life” may 9 on the TV channel “Ukraine”

All 12 episodes are watching in one day (beginning at 9:00). The swirl of events of the pattern will be interrupted only by special issues of news with direct interventions from Berlin, dedicated to the victory Day over Nazism. All the details, see the special editions of “Today” on may 9 at 10:00, 15:00 and 19:00.

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