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Лучшие поздравления со свадьбой в прозе, стихах, смс, картинках

Beautiful congratulations wedding: pictures and wishes

Looking for congratulations on your wedding for their best friends? We have prepared for you the most beautiful, gentle and kind congratulations with the wedding in their own words, in prose and verse in a solemn and joyful celebration of the birth of a new family.

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And to commemorate this happy event of the wedding in addition to prepared gift must sign a postcard to the newlyweds. Even after many years they, together arm in arm, read the warm wishes and laugh at your funny congratulations with the wedding.

Лучшие поздравления со свадьбой в прозе, стихах, смс, картинках

A gentle congratulations on your wedding friend

Best wishes wedding poems friends


Always each other take care of,
Appreciate, cheer, love.
Around each other trust,
Keep from all adversity.

Wove the fates of you together
Now forever you are one.
Let life shower you with happiness
The way will disappear all the bad weather.

Heartily congratulations,
Wealth strong desire.
And, of course, jitterbugs —
Healthy, strong children.

Good congratulations on your wedding in prose


I congratulate you on your wedding day. Love each other, encourage each other, protect each other and always keep your family in the status of a strong and United unit of society. Advice and love!

Лучшие поздравления со свадьбой в прозе, стихах, смс, картинках

Funny congratulations on your wedding in pictures

Beautiful greetings with the wedding of the sister


For you today is special.
Today you become family.
Want to be a wonderful husband
And stunning wife.

Each other, no matter what happens,
To love appreciate and respect.
The feeling that you were born
To preserve at any cost.

Because you are single now,
Nothing let you both shall live.
And be forever young,
In hearts may the light always on.

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Sincere congratulations with wedding friend


Wedding day — a beautiful, important date
And her memory will keep forever.
Let Your life be light and rich,
Love is infinite, strong and clean.

Keep in mind the respect to each other,
Learn to understand, to remain silent and to endure.
Strive to be together, fun apart,
Don’t let the fire in Your heart burn.

Of course, I wish You happiness, peace, prosperity,
A good son, a wonderful daughter.
Let the house and everything will be smooth and nice
And together chase away all sorrows away.

Лучшие поздравления со свадьбой в прозе, стихах, смс, картинках

Sincere congratulations my sister

Solemn congratulation wedding in prose


Dear newlyweds! I sincerely wish you the biggest, simple earthly happiness! Let your every day begins and ends with the smile of joy and thanksgiving fate for his dear, attentive, loving and beloved soul mate! Let there be misunderstandings and innuendo, and only desire is always to help, to hug, to support and very strongly and devotedly love each other! Let it be long and your days be Sunny, and then the family will be tripled and happiness will be a hundred times more!

The most funny congratulations on your wedding newlyweds


A lot of happiness, lot of money
And, of course, love.
So to old age wanted
And, of course, could!

To not argue, you often
That tears are not shed.
To avoid scandals,
Find a compromise.

Let the road be smooth,
Without the spikes and obstacles.
To life — like sugar sweet,
To the house — like the garden of Eden!

Лучшие поздравления со свадьбой в прозе, стихах, смс, картинках

Congratulations on your wedding fun pictures

Short greetings wedding SMS


Congratulations with all my heart and with all my heart! I wish that every day was filled with love, tenderness and deep understanding. Let this Union is growing day by day and the fire of the family hearth burns brighter. Let your family be an example for everyone!

Heart touching greetings for girl friend with the wedding


I wish you a family of wealth,
Great news and good days.
Let your life all happens smoothly
And there will be a lot of friends.

I wish you home comfort
Combines romantic evenings.
May the sun brightens your morning
Let be an everlasting pure love.

Let this year be the beginning
Happy and long journey,
Health your pair
The ability of even a hundred years pass.

Лучшие поздравления со свадьбой в прозе, стихах, смс, картинках

Beautiful congratulations wedding photo

Happy congratulations on your wedding in your own words


Dear newlyweds! I congratulate you on this joyful and long-awaited day — the day of your wedding. You wish for life to keep this love and carry her through all the years and trials. Let your family life will not spoil nor bitterness, nor resentment, nor any other misfortune. I wish that every new day spent together was opening for you. Wake up every morning thinking about how you happy. Love each other, take care and wait no matter what.

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