“Betrayal and resentment”: Jamal made a Frank admission

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"Измены и обиды": Джамала сделала откровенное признание


Ukrainian singer Jamala, who recently showed a photo of sisters, continues to be Frank with his fans. At this time, the singer told followers in Instagram on its main shortcomings and life experiences.

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Ukrainian celebrity, despite career success and prosperity in the family, feels periodically breakdown. In such moments it is difficult for her to communicate and perceive other people. According to Jamala, without such situations it is impossible to move forward, because “success is impossible without failure”.

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“I have to say. To admit that I was terribly vulnerable and so often the benefit of the doubt. In my opinion, is inherent in those who are constantly looking for ways to do more and become the best version of yourself, not just to rejoice the achievements. You know, I always have such thoughts: how to do more than I can someone else to help? Perhaps this greed for constant movement and is a dedication. It’s like a perpetual motion machine, makes you Wake up in the morning and not be upset about past failures. And they are bound to happen. Success is impossible without failure. Necessarily occur disappointment, betrayal and resentment”, – shared his thoughts singer.

"Измены и обиды": Джамала сделала откровенное признание


To all, Jamal remembered a recent letter from 14-year-old boy who approached her with a question: “What should I do if I have no inspiration to write songs and move on?”.

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“I told him that oddly enough, I have the same situation. Each time, despite age and status, especially if you’re in search of, you need to pass a very difficult way – through persuasion and evidence that you are in place. Of course, you need to trust people, but don’t destroy yourself so that you have extinguished the fire and dropped his hands. Remember, determination – motion, and when it ends, we end ourselves. I even think that in the middle of each of us built a pendulum. It not only indicates where to go, but also leads to those people who will always support and will find the right words to get you back on your way,” replied star.

Earlier, Jamal made an unexpected confession in the TV show “the Voice. Diti 5”.And before it became known that Jamal has twice appeared in Russia in 2014. After the PR Director of the singer commented on the information.

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