“Better in those moments to stay still”: in the US, the commandos tied Timothy

"Лучше в эти моменты не дергаться": в США спецназовцы повязали Тимати

today, 22:32

It became known that Los Angeles police have detained a popular Russian rapper Timati. The singer found a bag that was stuffed with dollars and automatic weapons.

"Лучше в эти моменты не дергаться": в США спецназовцы повязали Тимати

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He denied that the money and the gun belonged to him until, until I realized that what was happening was just a joke.

It turned out that this prank arranged close to each celebrity and his business partner label Black Star. Timothy played during his visit to the United States. In a cafe to the rapper showed up to the special forces in masks and with weapons. They began to demand information on the money and weapons that were allegedly in his bag.

The singer admitted that he began to doubt the veracity of what is happening only when I heard the accent commandos.

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"Лучше в эти моменты не дергаться": в США спецназовцы повязали Тимати

Screenshot, video

“I must say, I did not realize what was going on, because in the States these things happen, and better in these moments not to twitch. So, to be honest, for about 30 seconds he came out, fact. After that, I was just trying to understand who’s yelling with an accent from under the mask? Stupid rare,” shared the musician.

Besides, the deceived actor promised to avenge his friend. He also believes that his prank will be much more realistic.

“Vitali, my dear, come to Moscow, I’m here for such a prank would… You would be on the third day only to realize that we are joking” — he warned.

Recall that the famous Russian rapper, the founder of the label Black Star Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati became a father for the second time.

As reported by the portal Znaia in the United States of America secret service has questioned a popular rapper Eminem because of songs about the US President Donald trump and his family.

The portal also Znayu wrote that famous Russian rapper Pabl.A attacked when he was driving his own car.

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