Bettez: four former colleagues interviewed

The Sureté du Québec is still pursuing its efforts to resolve the Cedrika Provencher case and put its hand in the snare of its killer.

According to TVA Mauricie, the investigators would have questioned or re-interviewed four former work colleagues of Jonathan Bettez at the time they were all working at Emballages Bettez in Trois-Rivières. The meetings would have taken place in the Bois-Francs region during the last three weeks.

If the original purpose was to support the evidence against Jonathan Bettez in connection with the child pornography charges against him, the police took the opportunity to inquire about Bettez’s habits and actions in the period before and after the shooting. kidnapping of the little Cedrika Provencher in the summer of 2007.

At the Sûreté du Québec, we refused to confirm or refute this information, simply recalling that no comment can be made on an ongoing investigation.

Although Jonathan Bettez is considered by the police as a suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Cédrika Provencher, no charges have ever been brought against him to date. However, the investigation into him resulted in charges of child pornography being laid. The individual had also been arrested August 29, 2016 at Emballages Bettez and then appear at the courthouse in Trois-Rivières on August 30. Several citizens had gone there to shout nonsense. Bettez was then released but with conditions to respect.

Since then, judicial proceedings have been progressing slowly. Initially, the release of the evidence by the Crown took several months because of the volume of the evidence, its complexity and the demands made by the defense. Then, in March 2017, Bettez’s lawyer, Magali Lepage, was appointed judge, which resulted in a new deadline. In June 2017, Bettez’s new lawyer, Marc-Antoine Carette, let it be known that his client wanted to finally avail himself of a preliminary inquiry before a trial. This procedure took place in December 2017 after which Jonathan Bettez was cited on the ten charges against him for child pornography. It is specifically about possession and access to child pornography between September 30, 2013 and August 29, 2016,

To date, no trial date has been set. The Crown has indicated that it is ready to proceed with a trial, but the defense is making every effort to see the affidavits that resulted in the warrant for Jonathan Bettez. It will have been guessed that these are related to the activities of child pornography which Bettez is suspected but also to the Cédrika Provencher affair.

In the course of her requests for disclosure of evidence, Mr. Carette admits that these affidavits and warrants were indeed given to her but that they are redacted, which would make them almost incomprehensible in certain cases. On Monday, in a procedure that was held in camera, Mr. Carette therefore asked the managing judge that these documents could be redacted to know the exact content in order to prepare his defense. Since then, meetings have been held in camera between the judge, the Crown Attorney, Jean-Marc Poirier, and an investigator. The judge studies one by one the many documents in their original and redacted form. In light of the explanations given by the prosecutor as to the reasons for the redaction, the judge will have to decide on the requests made by the defense.

Once this step is over, the debate will not be over as Carette also announced that he intends to file new motions so that, if necessary, he can cross-examine the police officer who wrote the affidavits. He also spoke of a motion to exclude the evidence.

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