Between challenges, innovations and wine tourism, a delicate situation for IGP du Gard wines

Between challenges, innovations and wine tourism, a delicate situation for IGP du Gard wines

Pour Denis Verdier, président de la fédération gardoise des vins IGP : “On rentre dans une crise difficile”. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

The viticulture of IGP Gardois wines is going through a complex period, marked in particular by a drop in consumption. Despite these challenges, players in the sector are banking on innovation, wine tourism and hellip; summer to revitalize the sector.

The viticulture of IGP wines in Gard is currently in crisis, marked by economic and market challenges. During a press conference organized at the Wine Bar, opposite the Nîmes arenas, a brief overview of the situation was required this Wednesday, July 10.

"We are entering a difficult crisis"

"We must not appear pessimistic, but it is crucial to keep our feet on the ground in the face of the problems of farms and winegrowers."For Denis Verdier, president of the Gard IGP wine federation, the situation is difficult. Especially with regard to the production of IGP wine. "If we look at the scale of production we are entering a difficult crisis", he said, pointing to "a national problem".

The decline in wine consumption, competition from Spanish imports, and the fall in sales prices contrasting with the increase in production costs are all factors in this crisis. "With professional organizations we will have to help those who are most impacted. I am thinking in particular of the young people who are getting started. Basically, we need to change as many things as possible in the sector and innovate."The grimace says a lot about the road that remains to be covered…

"There is still a lot of future in wine"

To face these challenges, Gard viticulture professionals are focusing on innovation and product diversification. Christophe Aguilar, president of IGP Pont du Gard, thus underlined the importance of seeking added value in sales rather than in production, and of helping producers to become more independent. rsquo;direct towards quality and product diversity approaches. It also recognizes the need to recalibrate the supply of organic wine to adequately meet demand."We need to recalibrate all that and the market will pick up again. For me, there is still a lot of future in wine", he said he concluded on a positive note.

Despite the difficulties, wine tourism remains a crucial lever for the promotion of IGP wines. And this summer again, wine tourism events are multiplying, making it possible to promote local products while attracting tourists. "We are going through a difficult period, but compared to the tourists and the Gardois we have to see the glass half full, Christel allowed himself Guiraud, president IGP Cévennes. We have a rich and varied summer program with two months of non-stop entertainment", he concluded.

Rich and musical summer activities

The 15th Wine Festival in Cévennes & Anduze from July 19 to 21 , where 25 cellars and estates from the Cévennes will present their wines. The 11th edition of the Wine Festival & Saint-Ambroix on August 4, bringing together 14 winegrowers and their IGP wines on the Esplanade square. Les Vignerons sur le Pont every Wednesday in the summer at the Pont du Gard (from July 17 to August 21), with musical evenings and sound and light shows.

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