Between Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal and AK Sport, a partnership of trust which continues and strengthens.

Between Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal and AK Sport, a partnership of trust which continues and strengthens.

Kamel Ferhane, Hamza Aarab et Kamal Aït-Mehdi sont des acteurs sociaux et sportifs importants de la ville. LF – LF

Le club de futsal promu en Division 1 et la salle de sport montpelliéraine continuent de tisser des liens entre sport de haut niveau et actions sociales.

Already well established for several years, the partnership between Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal which should find the Palais des Sports Pierre-de-Couvertin and AK Sport, a venue also located in the Hauts-de-Massane district, will gain even more momentum thanks to the accession of the MMF to the highest level of French futsal.

In addition to coming to prepare for the next season, Montpellier players will be able to benefit from the facilities but also the skills of managers Kamal Aït-Mehdi (physical preparation specialist) and Kamel Ferhane (combat sports specialist) .

But that's not all, the two sports associations, perfectly established in the working-class neighborhoods of the city, can also set up, in collaboration, social actions: "We are developing a sports partnership and social as a neighborhood association that shines in the city and well beyond, confirms Kamal Aït-Mehdi, co-founder of AK Sport. Now, we are going to strengthen our ties within the framework of an agreement."

Creating connections through sport

The sports coordinator of the MMF Hamza Aarab is delighted with these links which last over time: "The place is ideal with the room and the proximity to the scrubland, the lake&hellip ; In the past, our players who came to prepare individually at AK Sport have all progressed significantly. Beyond the sporting aspect, a form of trust has been established for years. We organize joint interventions in the neighborhood."

And Kamal Aït-Mehdi continues: "The dual project between the high sporting level and the social bond with young people is very important for us. We can also intervene together when there are problems in the neighborhoods to calm the situations as known and recognized actors in the city. Through sport, we manage to create links between young people from different neighborhoods of Montpellier."

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