Beware of possible fake vaccines sold online, warns Health Canada

Beware of possible fake vaccines sold online, warns Health Canada

As soon as the vaccination has started in the country, Health Canada is already issuing a warning about potentially counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines that could be circulating on the web or come from unauthorized sources.

“Counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines can pose serious health risks and do not effectively protect people against the virus that causes COVID-19,” the government agency said in a statement Wednesday evening.

Health Canada thus recalled that it “assesses the safety, efficacy and quality of any drug or vaccine” before they can be put on sale in the country.

Currently, Pfizer / BioNtech’s vaccine is the only vaccine approved by Canadian authorities.

“The COVID-19 vaccine supply chain is tightly controlled, and vaccines will only be provided by clinics organized or approved by local public health authorities,” Health Canada added.

In the country, the sale of counterfeit drugs is a serious criminal act, recalls the federal agency.

The latter indicates that it is working with the Border Services Agency and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to counter the illegal sale of fake drugs.

INTERPOL has also issued a global alert urging its 194 member countries, including Canada, to prepare against possible criminal networks that will seek to attack the vaccine against COVID-19.

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