Beware: the police got a tool to hack any iPhone

Israeli firm Cellebrite UFED has developed Premium is the only tool in the world, able to hack any smartphone

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Берегитесь: полицейские получили инструмент для взлома любых iPhone

Galaxy S10 is the only smartphone that UFED Premium hack can’t

Israeli company Cellebrite, which helped the FBI to crack iPhone arrow from San Bernardino, has developed a new version of its universal tool UFED, which, according to the company, are able to unlock almost all modern iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Developed by Cellebrite tool is working good, allowing law enforcement and intelligence agencies to extract data from locked smartphones to search for evidence. UFED is very useful in cases when a smartphone manufacturer adheres to international policy safeguards for the protection of personal correspondence, but the police urgently need to retrieve the evidence against the suspect from a mobile device: photos, videos, chats, emails, social media posts and other evidence.

Берегитесь: полицейские получили инструмент для взлома любых iPhone

Here is the tool UFED for hacking mobile devices

The company does not wish to keep secret their development. So has announced a new version of their tool called UFED UFED Premium, which is “the only solution for law enforcement to unlock and extract the important evidence of mobile any smartphone”.

Берегитесь: полицейские получили инструмент для взлома любых iPhone

Full set of UFED

According to the developers, Cellebrite is able to circumvent the protection of a wide range of mobile devices. The list includes iPhone running any version of iOS 7 to 12.3, “high-performance” model Samsung Galaxy series to S9, inclusive, as well as popular models from companies such as Motorola, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi. But the instrument has a serious omission – the UFED is not able to crack the Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10 Plus, which have a more advanced system of protection and data encryption.

Buy Premium UFED can now only state structures, law enforcement or military intelligence.

Recall that previously, the hackers have called the most dangerous devices in the house that crack the easiest. Meanwhile, the iPhone is returned to piracy.

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