Beyonce and Jay-Z will show the broadcast of the world Cup finals during his concert

Бейонсе и Джей Зи покажут трансляцию финала чемпионата мира во время своего концерта

The final of the world championship on football in which will meet teams of Croatia and France, coincided with the concert of Beyonce and Jay Z in Paris.

For this reason, Beyonce and Jay Z invite all who have tickets, come early and special screens which will be equipped to see the world Cup final. It is noteworthy that the show beyoncé and Jay-Z will be held in the football stadium Stade de France – immersion in the sports atmosphere is guaranteed!

The concert pairs will start immediately after the completion of the game, in the case of France and Croatia will require additional time and penalty shootout, Beyonce and Jay-Z are ready to shift the start of his speech.

“Twenty years later, after France won his first world title, Beyonce and Jay Z invite all who have tickets to their concert, to be present at the Stade de France and support the team on the path to victory”,- an announcement appeared on the official website of beyoncé.

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