Beyoncé’s star Homecoming on Netflix : dive into the backstage of his concert at Coachella

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Beyoncé the star of a documentary on Netflix : check out the trailer for Homecoming : A film by Beyoncé .

The collabs mode, this is no longer enough, the stars join now to broadcasters. Beyoncé reveals in the trailer for Homecoming, which will be available on Netflix. The interpreter of “Drunk in Love” is the heroine of this documentary directed by herself (with a little help), on the backstage of his show at Coachella 2018. Jay Z, Blue Ivy, Solange and Destiny’s Child appear in the promo video.


When Beyoncé and Netflix unite, it is to tell the backstage of Queen Bey Coachella. The streaming platform has followed the singer during his performance at the festival in california in 2018. Result ? A documentary dubbed Homecoming (Homecoming : A film by Beyoncé in French) will be available from April 17 next. A big announcement on the social networks.

Netflix has stated on Twitter : “This intimate documentary about performance acclaimed of Beyoncé at the festival Coachella 2018 reveals with emotion the scenes of a creative concept become a true cultural movement”. A post that has confirmed the rumors started since this Sunday 7 April 2019 on a possible docu around Beyoncé. The SVOD had teasé Homecoming yesterday, and the fans were “on fire” since it is the name that their idol had given to its collection of merchandise inspired by his concert. They had therefore understood that it is the interpreter of “Single Ladies” who would be the star of this film.

During this musical event, Beyoncé was even surprised the audience by inviting to the stage for her husband Jay-Z, reforming the Destiny’s Child with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and even singing a duet with her sister Solange Knowles (who has since released a new album).

Beyoncé advises you to be “sincere”

In the trailer, who confirmed the dream of many users, his daughter Blue Ivy is also present, as well as her twins Sir and Rumi. The one that sings “Halo” explains in voice-over : “it is My will, the deepest is to be a representative of the human species”. Then, the mother continues : “I have an opportunity to show how we can be good”, “I have an opportunity to teach, and to love, to laugh. (…) I know that when my work here ba is completed, it will be time to go home. And I will return without fear, without apprehension.

Her advice for the younger generation ? “Be sincere. Especially with yourself”. Yeah finally, we just hope that the documentary will show the top of his drop monumental with Solange.

Beyoncé star de Homecoming sur Netflix : plongez dans les coulisses de son concert à Coachella

Beyoncé’s star Homecoming on Netflix : dive into the backstage of his concert at Coachella


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