Beyries announces the release of a first album in French for 2024 on the Audiogram label

Beyries announces the release of a first album in French for 2024 on the ;Audiogram label


There's something new for Quebec singer-songwriter Beyries. After two very well-received mainly English-language albums, Landing (2017) and Encounter (2020), she has just announced her signature with the Audiogram label and the release of a first disc in French for 2024.

Amélie Beyries n hadn't released new songs since 2021. She just rectified the situation today with the release of the song Seule sans toi, and its English version What About Hiding.

“The catchy song with pop folk influences addresses the need for flight and freedom,” reads a press release.

The track was co-written and produced by the musician and lyricist American Aben Eubanks (Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande). It was first released in English, before being adapted into French by singer-songwriter Doriand (Mika).

«Seule sans toi/What about hiding< /em> is a true ode to flight! Beyries said in a statement. The song refers to the idea of ​​going very far, like on a road trip, and leaving all your problems behind. We all have our own ways of coping with life's challenges and sometimes it's a good thing to just walk away, change your surroundings and find inspiration in something else.”


Beyries is enjoying great success on streaming platforms, having seen her first two albums rack up more than 30 million streams. She has also performed throughout Quebec, as well as in London, Paris and New York.