Béziers Hospital: After the suicide of a nurse, staff representatives request two expert reports

Béziers Hospital: After the suicide of a nurse, staff representatives request two expert reports

Deux expertises devraient être menées au sein du service hématologie-oncologie du centre hospitalier de Béziers. Archive M. E.

An extraordinary meeting was held this Monday, June 17, at the Béziers hospital center. The FO and CGT unions requested the views of external experts on psychosocial risks and the medical organization of the hematology department.

Two weeks after the earthquake caused by the suicide of a nurse from the hematology department of the Béziers hospital, accusing, in a posthumous letter, moral harassment and harmful management, an extraordinary meeting of the F3SCT (Specialized training in health, safety and working conditions) was held this Monday, June 17, at the hospital center, at the request of FO staff representatives and CGT.

"We have made two requests for expertise which will have to be entrusted to an external firm, in order to have a neutral and objective view: one relating to psychosocial risks within the hematology department and the other on the medical organization of this same department", indicates Marc Valette, secretary of the Force Ouvrière union and the F3SCT. Which underlines "a national situation of generalized malaise in hospitals, throughout France& ;quot;, faced with bed closures, the glaring lack of staff, and grueling working conditions.

Serious pathologies

At the Hematology and Oncology Department of Béziers, in addition, "Patient pathologies are often serious (chemotherapy, in particular), and the protocols put in place are sophisticated. Qualified personnel are therefore needed, who must take care of patients but also their families and sometimes face death. It can be psychologically heavy to bear", continues Marc Valette.

"We must obtain a global vision of hematology-oncology (organization, relationships, etc.) which, visibly, suffers from dysfunctions, with a lot of turnover, supports Magali Laffaille, CGT personnel representative. And it is absolutely necessary to ensure health monitoring of agents, particularly in this service. You should know that we have an occupational doctor, who comes from Perpignan (plus another but who is currently in training) only two and a half days per month for 2 700 agents (excluding doctors, Editor's note)."

Meeting this Tuesday with doctors

Last Thursday, June 13, a meeting between management and all the service agents made it possible to put words to the problems. "It was a real moment of exchange and the girls from the service really freed their voices and put their discomfort on the table"< /em>, relates Marc Valette. At the request of staff, a similar meeting is being held this Tuesday, June 18, in the presence of department doctors.

"The advantage of this external expertise is to give agents a voice. But it must intervene quickly (management must give official approval, Editor's note). We cannot afford to wait until September or October, concludes Marc Valette, who does not rule out leading "a much broader reflection, at the level of the entire hospital center".

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