Biathlon: Johannes boe won the Fourcade in Hochfilzen sprint

Биатлон: Йоханнес Бё выиграл у Фуркада спринт в Хохфильцене

Norwegian biathlete Johannes boe became the winner of the sprint race at the second world Cup in Hochfilzen.

Be-younger with great speed on the track could prematurely close all questions about the winner of the race, but the last shot on the counter made a mistake and gave a chance to the competitors.

Martin Fourcade with clean shooting tried to compete with Be-younger – on the last lap the Frenchman left behind schedule Norwegian in 0.8 seconds, but immediately began to lose time and was satisfied with second place.

Top 3 with 100 percent shooting locked Benedikt doll, who in 2017 in Hochfilzen won the world Cup. As for the Ukrainians, in the points zone was managed to get only Artem Prima and Dmitry Pidruchniy. Semenov Serhiy and Vitaliy Kilchytskyy managed to show the 90th and 102nd result, respectively.

World Cup 2018-2019. Hochfilzen. The results of the sprint:

1. Garanichev Evgeniy (Norway, 0+1) 24:49,22. Martin Fourcade (France, 0+0) +8,63. Benedikt Doll (Germany, 0+0) +10,2…26. Pryma Artem (Ukraine, 0+1) +1:19,732. Pidruchnuy Dmytro (Ukraine, 1+0) +1:30,290. Sergey Semenov (Ukraine, 1+1) +3:06,2102. Vitaly Kilchitsky (Ukraine, 3+1) +3:48,2

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