Biathlon: Kuzmina won the sprint at Holmenkollen, Ukrainian – outside the top 20

Биатлон: Кузьмина выиграла спринт в Холменколлене, украинки – вне топ-20

Slovakian Anastasia Kuzmina won the final sprint of the season on the world Cup stage in Norway.

Kuzmin after a miss on the prone has occupied only 11-e a place, but the perfect job at the front Desk brought Anastasia to the first row. On the last lap ex-Russian woman expected increased the pace and prevented the fight for the first row.

Kuzmina won their fourth win of the season and 17th in his career. Along the way, the Slovak won the Small crystal globe in sprint offset. This globe became Kuzmina third in his career.

The main loser of the day was Lisa Vittozzi Italian with five penalties took 68th place and withdrew from the fight with Dorothea Wierer for the Big crystal globe. Today Olga has occupied 11-e a place and substantially lost Vittozzi in the overall standings of the world Cup.

Of the seven women in the points zone has managed to get only Vita Semerenko, which is at the front lost about 20 seconds. Anna Krivonos and Catherine beh has failed in its debut race at the world Cup.

World Cup 2018-2019. Holmenkollen. Women. The results of the sprint:

1. Anastasia Kuzmina (Slovakia, 1+0) 19:56,22. Franziska Preuss (Germany, 0+0) +21,23. Paulina Fialkova (Slovakia, 0+0) +25,1…28. Vita Semerenko (Ukraine, 0+0) +1:29,348. Jan Bondar (Ukraine, 2+0) +1:58,255. Valya Semerenko (Ukraine, 1+2) +2:07,657. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine, 1+1) +2:10,074. Anna Krivonos (Ukraine, 0+1) +2:33,677. Hope Belkin (Ukraine, 2+1) +2:43,293. Catherine Beh (Ukraine, 1+1) +3:20,9


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