Biathlon: Norway won the relay at the world Cup in östersund, Ukraine – 12-I

Биатлон: Норвегия выиграла эстафету на ЧМ в Эстерсунде, Украина – 12-я

Norwegian biathlon with great advantage have become the winners of the relay at the world Championships in Sweden.

World Champions in the relay were Lars Helge Birkeland, Willow-Sjastad Christiansen, Tarja be and Johannes Bø. The determining factor was the stage of be-the elder, who was 43 seconds ahead of the nearest pursuer. BAA Jr. remained not to lose the great advantage of what he did.

Victory in östersund was for the Norwegians historical. The men’s team, the ninth time he won gold at the world Championships and came in first place in the medal standings of this discipline. On account of the Norwegians in the relay 26 medals (9-12-6), and in second place now moved the USSR national team (9-5-3, 17 medals).

With silver baton made Germany (Erik lesser, Roman Rees, Arnd Peiffer and Benedikt doll), and the third steel Russians (Matvey Eliseev, Nikita Porshnev, Dmitry Malyshko and Alexander Loginov), which the medal was presented to Martin Fourcade, who won two penalties in the final team.

The national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchna ranked in the relay 12 th place. Could be better, if not for the failure of Sergey Semenova in the second stage. The Brendan at the first stage was the 11th, Ruslan Tkalenko coped with the role of finisher, having played in the final segment of the relay.

World Cup-2019. Men. The results of the relay:

1. Norway (0+6) +1:12:03,72. Germany (0+8) +38,13. Russia (0+7) +1:04,14. Czech Republic (0+6) +1:20,75. Slovenia (0+5) +1:22,46. France (3+11) +1:37,27. Sweden (0+11) +1:37,48. Austria (1+8) +2:00,1…12. Ukraine (0+7) +3:08,7


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