Biathlon: Olga won the mass start world Cup Merkushina – 25-I

Биатлон: Вирер выиграла масс-старт чемпионата мира, Меркушина – 25-я

Dorothea Wierer won the race with a mass start at the world Championships in östersund.

The wearer due to the impeccable shooting to the final firing line came with a 30-second lead from her nearest competitor. It seemed that the fate of gold is already decided, but the Italian went to two penalties. Fortunately for Olga, Ekaterina Yurlova-Pert at the last shooting has not escaped the passage through the penalty circle.

On the last lap Yurlova-Pert desperately tried to play 10-second gap from the Wearer, but the Italian still kept the first row and first became a world champion.

A nice bonus for the Wearer was the return to a leading position in the overall standings of the world Cup, because Lisa Vittozzi in the mass start took only eighth place.

The only Ukrainian in the mass start Anastasiya Merkushyna with six misses at the shooting range took only the 25th place. Two years ago at the world Cup in Hochfilzen Merkushina in this discipline was the 14th.

World Cup-2019. Women. The results of the mass start:

1. Dorothea Wierer (Italy, 0+0+0+2) 37:26,42. Ekaterina Yurlova-Part (Russia, 0+0+1+1) +4,9 3. Denise Herrmann (Germany, 0+1+2+1) +15,4…25. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine, 2+0+3+1) +2:52,9


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