Biathlon: Pidruchny and prima has retained the top-30 world Cup

Биатлон: Пидручный и Прима сохранили места в топ-30 Кубка мира

The situation in the overall world Cup standings after the stage in Canmore.

At the world Cup in Canmore, the leaders of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny and Brendan in the individual races not started – Ukrainians with an eye on the baton missed a short individual time trial, and to make the sprint of the biathlon was prevented by severe weather conditions in Canada.

In the Nations Cup Ukraine due to the successful performance in the relay (7th place) toured Switzerland and climbed to ninth place. In the team standings with a big margin lead of Norway, following are France and Russia.

World Cup 2018-2019. Men. Top 10 of the standings:

1. Garanichev Evgeniy (Norway) – 8962. Alexander Loginov (Russia) – 5963. Martin Fourcade (France) – 5544. Simon Eder (Austria) – 5375. Simon Destie (France) – 5346. Arnd Peiffer (Germany) – 5087. Quentin Fillon Maillet (France) – 4988. Julian Eberhard (Aut) – 4759. Guigonnat Antonin (France) – 47110. Tarjei Boe (Norway) – 448…26. Pidruchnuy Dmytro (Ukraine) – 21130. Pryma Artem (Ukraine) – 18246. Sergey Semenov (Ukraine) – 6574. Artem Tyshchenko (Ukraine) – 1781. Taras Lesyuk (Ukraine) Is 9

Women’s team once again disappointed – only the individual competition in Canmore in the points area were able to get only Jan Bondar and Elena Pidhrushna, and in the relay team with three penalties took 14-th place.

In the top-30 world Cup is still no Ukrainka, and in the Nations Cup team is in eighth place with zero chance to return the maximum quota.

World Cup 2018-2019. Women. Top 10 of the standings:

1. Dorothea Wierer (Italy) – 6512. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) – 6463. Anastasia Kuzmina (Slovakia) – 5404. Olsbu Marte Rosseland (Norway) – 5265. Paulina Fialkova (Slovakia) – 5266. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Finland) – 4437. Irina Krivko (Belarus) – 4278. Hanna Öberg (Sweden) – 4239. Anais Chevalier (France) – 40810. Monika Hojnisz (Poland) – 389 …34. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine) – 14637. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine) – 13139. Jim Yulia (Ukraine) – 11940. Vita Semerenko (Ukraine) – 11547. Valya Semerenko (Ukraine) – 9271. Yuliya Zhuravok (Ukraine) – 2179. Jan Bondar (Ukraine) – 14

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