Bibi Club abroad

Bibi Club Abroad


A Montreal band with only one album to their name, Bibi Club is trying to break through abroad. After spending the last few days playing in Brazil, Nicolas Basque and Adèle Trottier-Rivard will soon go to the United States and Europe. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding. It's one of the benefits of going on an adventure,” says Nicolas.

This week, Bibi Club was invited by SODEC, along with queer artist Fernie, to give two “showcase” type shows. at the SIM Sao Paulo festival, in Brazil. Nicolas Basque and Adèle Trottier-Rivard took the opportunity to spend a few more days in this city they had never visited.

” It's a really special city,” said Nicolas on the phone. It's the extremes all the time. Extreme poverty and extreme wealth. Everyone is really friendly. But we were told to be very careful when we walk around. There are certain streets to avoid. 

On site, the two musicians, who are also a couple in real life, had planned to play songs from their album, Le soleil et la mer, published last August.

“We hope to create ties so that we can eventually come back and do some touring here,” says Nicolas. There are so many people and so many networks that we know little about. 

Year of clearing

In March, Bibi Club will head to the United States to participate in the South by Southwest festivals in Texas and Treefort in Idaho. “After that, we go back to France and there may also be England, Wales and Belgium,” enumerates Nicolas.

“It's really a clearing year, definitely until summer. We hope to eventually go into tour mode. It's really long-term stuff.”

Even though the band sings mostly in French, language doesn't seem to be an obstacle in foreign markets. “So far it even seems to be more of an advantage for us,” says Nicolas. I think people like our music and the language comes second. There is definitely more openness than ever before. 

Apart from its concerts abroad, Bibi Club will also play in Quebec. The duo will notably participate in the Taverne Tour de Montréal (February 9) and the Phoque Off festival in Quebec (February 15).