Bickering between the mayor of La Tuque and mp Late

Bisbille entre le maire de La Tuque et la députée Tardif

The mayor of La Tuque and the member for Laviolette, Saint–Maurice are clearly not on the same wavelength.

Pierre-David Tremblay asserts that the communications are difficult with Marie-Louise Tardif.

The mayor does not seem in his heart the member of provincial parliament for his county.

It accuses him of working in isolation, do not visit, adding: “she said do not be dismayed while we reach still copy at all of our shipments, but it does not answer us”.

Pierre-David Tremblay has several reproaches to make to Marie-Louise Tardif.

“There are a lot of examples: it said that the folder of the cell is set, it is not, it lacks 775 000$.”

He did not appreciated his comment on her behalf Facebook about a power outage to a Parent in which she wondered whether a failure of 19 hours is too long.

Then follow the explanations that the mayor considers to be those of Hydro-Québec.

“Is what she was elected to represent Hydro-Québec or the population?” asks Mr. Tremblay.

The mayor added that “communications are null and void” with his office, with the member itself, and with its political attaché to La Tuque, Michel Pronovost.

It must be said that it’s been a long time that the two men did not appreciate. They clashed at the town hall in 2017. Michel Pronovost had challenged the legitimacy of the election of Pierre-David Tremblay, blaming him for not to reside in La Tuque.

The mayor would like to deal directly with the minister responsible for the region and member of parliament for Trois-Rivières Jean Boulet, rather than going through the office of Marie-Louise Tardif.

But Jean Boulet gives his support to his colleague.

“Marie-Louise is a dedicated person, who has the intensity and rigour in his work,” he said.

If Pierre-David Tremblay accuses him of not having well defended the record of first responder services in La Tuque, this is not what thinks Jean Boulet.

“She took the folder in hand, taken the necessary steps with the result that we know. A pilot project has been announced there are just two weeks in which schedules in the hour shall be established for the ambulance.”

Marie-Louise Tardif has denied our interview request or to comment on the allegations made by the mayor of La Tuque.

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