Biden is expected to announce its colistière next week

Biden annoncera sa colistière la semaine prochaine

WILMINGTON | The pretender democrat in the White House, Joe Biden said Tuesday that he would reveal during the first week of August the name is very expected of her colistière for the us presidential election.

“I will have made a choice the first week of August,” said Joe Biden during a press conference in his stronghold of Wilmington, in the State of Delaware.

“And I promise you, I’ll let you know when I will get it done,” he added.

“We’ll see,” replied the former vice-president of Barack Obama to a journalist who asked him if he could meet with his candidate in spite of the pandemic of COVID-19.

The democratic party, 77-year-old has joked that it would be difficult to meet with her discreetly, because of the journalists who do the watchtower in front of his home in Wilmington, where he spends the majority of his time since the sanitary crisis has put a stop unique to the american presidential campaign.

Winner of a democratic primary marked by a diversity that is unprecedented, the seventy-year-old has promised that he would choose a woman to accompany him in his campaign against Donald Trump, 74 years of age, and become the first vice-president of the United States in the event of a victory on 3 November.

His ex-rival in the primary, and only senator black of the Congress, Kamala Harris, is the leading predictions, with the former national security advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice.

With the historical movement of protest against police violence and racism, the pressure grew for it to choose a colistière african-american.

But strategists argue that he should rather opt for a woman coming from the Midwest, including large regions, rural and industrial had swung in favour of Donald Trump in 2016.

Other parliamentarians are included in the forecasts, including senator Elizabeth Warren, the other candidate, unhappy the inauguration democrat party, as well as Val Demings and Karen Bass, two elected african-american women from the House of representatives.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, and New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, are also mentioned.

While the rumors are rife, the news site Politico has updated Tuesday, an article on the different candidates by announcing that Joe Biden had been chosen by Kamala Harris “August 1,” and claiming that he had called it “a remarkable colistière”.

The specialized site has been rectified by lamenting “an error”. A spokesperson for Politico, Brad Dayspring, said to the AFP that it was a text used for the page layout.

The spokesman for Joe Biden, TJ Ducklo, has tweeted “this is not true”.

Joe Biden will be officially nominated candidate by the democratic party at a convention held from 17 to 20 August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which will be mostly virtual.

By presenting themselves as the”antithesis” of Donald Trump, the democrat has denounced the management by the billionaire republican of the pandemic, which has led to nearly 150 000 deaths in the United States, as well as protests against racism.

“He demonstrated that he could not defeat the pandemic and protect you. It may not revive the economy and put America to work. And it blows intentionally, without surprise, on the flames of division and racism in this country,” he said.

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