Biden-Trump: The old men's rematch?

Biden-Trump: The Old Men's Rematch?

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Joe Biden just announced it: he will be seeking re-election in 2024.

It was predictable: a man who occupies the most important political office on the planet and who has a good chance of being able to occupy it for another four years will be tempted to keep it. Power attracts men of power, who seek, after having conquered it, to keep it. 

But there is a catch: it appears almost obvious to the eyes of the world that Joe Biden is a damaged man, who has lost his mind. 

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I'm not saying he's not lucid “most of the time.” I am saying that we have been able to understand over the years that the man had enough moments of mental absence for us to wonder if he is really fit to occupy this political office, the most important in the world, I repeat. 

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Especially since he will oppose Donald Trump who is not what one could call the most balanced man in his country. Since his defeat in 2020, he has presented himself as a president in internal exile, waiting for the opportunity to take his revenge, as if he had been the victim of a universal conspiracy. 

Certainly, he has ten times the vitality of Joe Biden. But who sees him now seriously resuming the leadership of his country? 

There is something sad about this Brezhnev-style duel of old men, something very worrying, even. 

< p>On the one hand, Biden is just an illusion. Its function is to embody an old-fashioned, centrist, pragmatic Democratic Party. This illusion is necessary to win over “ordinary” voters. 

But in effect, the US Democratic Party has been completely wokized.The ideological base of the Democratic Party is no longer the gruff trade unionist attached to the living conditions of the workers, it is the fanatical blue-haired student who wants to tear down statues, censor books and who is driven by an aversion deep for Western civilization. 

On the other side, Trump has retreated to a very narrow base, which now inhabits a parallel world. He hysterizes the political life of his country by adopting the ways of a thug. Its ideological software is uncertain and seems to revolve exclusively around a personality cult so caricatural that it becomes absurd. 

That says a lot about a country that is immersed without saying it in dynamics of secession, well represented by the conflict between California and Florida, the two states presenting themselves as contrasting laboratories of what should become America tomorrow. 

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This domestic division finds an echo in the global role of Americans, which is more contested than ever. They who thought they were the superpower of the coming century find themselves drawn into a clash of civilizations that they cannot name other than by recycling old concepts from the Cold War. And in which they engage by mobilizing worn political leaders, the first looking like a mummy, the second, a lunatic, the two, senile leaders who represent well the decadence of their country.

Biden-Trump: The old men's rematch?