Big Flo & Oli at the edge of burn-out : pressure, mental fatigue… they confide

Big Flo & Oli au bord du burn-out : pression, fatigue mentale... ils se confient

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Big Flo & Oli at the end of the roll : “It’s a mental fatigue, it never stops”

This summer, BigFlo & Oli announced their need to take a long break “a better return”. Between the albums, the tours, the festivals, the interviews, the two brothers from toulouse are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fatigue, moral on which the interpreters of “Damage” are entrusted to the Parisian.

Burn-out does not only exist on YouTube : it is also a reality that affects more and more musical artists. It is upon this subject that The Parisian has decided to dedicate a folder. Among the singers to be at the end of the roll, we find Jain, Lomepal, who announced a break in his career, Angèle, or BigFlo & Oli.

A few months after the announcement of their need to take a break, the two brothers from toulouse were expressed to our colleagues on this one. “It’s been five years that you will never stop. Three albums, five tours, it has happened so much that it’s hard to remember what we did in 2017”, said Oli. “I am 23 years old for the past five years, I have done more in live Oli that Olivio. I need to balance it out, to take care of my apartment, of my intimate life”.

BigFlo & Oli are back on their need to take a break

After two years of intense, 3 successful albums, five tours sold out, 3 Victories of the music, the festivals, numerous interviews, not to mention their participation in videos of their friends each other Squeezie, McFly & Carlito, and Jimmy Labeeu for his clip “Welcome home” to me, they now need to say stop. “It’s a mental fatigue, it never stops. This is something that is never spoken about between artists, it is a bit of a taboo (…) The problem is in this species of rhythm, exhilarating and motivating, but exhausting, as we had established between us, the artists, and the new scene”, explains BigFlo.

But take a break when we have more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram or even 483.000 followers on Twitter, this is not always easy : “Even cut three days the phone, it is difficult. The pressure of the Internet and networks has become so strong, with more and more people and more views. During this time, there is always forty people who are waiting for our green light for everything by mail or by phone“.

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