Big gift of the president of CAE to the MUHC Foundation

Gros don du président de CAE à la Fondation du CUSM

The president and chief executive officer of CAE Marc Parent, has made a personal donation of$ 100,000 to the Foundation of the McGill university health Centre (MUHC), Monday.

The money will be used to support the activities of the Biobank quebec COVID-19 (BQC19), an initiative funded by the québec government that collects samples of COVID-19 with patients of the province.

“As co-chair of the campaign Dare to dream of the MUHC Foundation, I was able to attend to the progress made by the team of renowned scientists at the MUHC. This is a project I believe in that seriously and I take advantage of this gesture to launch an appeal for donations of all, as small as large, to support this key initiative in the fight against the coronavirus,” said Marc Parent, also a member of the board of directors of the Foundation, by press release.

The funds paid by Mr. Parent will allow the scientists to analyze the proteins present in the body, during and after the infection to the COVID-19. The objective is to identify the proteins that form in response to viruses that cause severe respiratory illness in some patients. These respiratory problems are not directly caused by the virus, but rather by the patient’s immune system to get rid of it. In putting the finger on these proteins, researchers can develop drugs to prevent these complications.

According to the Foundation, the BQC19 is the largest biobank of samples collected from patients who were severely infected by the COVID-19 in Canada. More than a thousand people infected by this virus have agreed to give samples for up to two years after their healing.

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