Big-hearted salesperson gives car to someone in need

A big-hearted salesperson offers a car to someone in need

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For 4 years now, a Trois-Rivières car salesman has been organizing an annual competition to offer a vehicle to people in need.

It was by rubbing shoulders with people denied credit that Jonathan Bélizaire had the idea of ​​organizing this competition that changes lives. He considers it essential to pay it forward when someone can afford it.

“I work in the automotive industry and I have a lot of clients who don't go on credit for one reason or another. Stories are often nightmares and I told myself that it was real to give a car to someone who needs it, “explained Mr. Bélizaire.

The seller receives hundreds of messages. The needs are great, and each year selecting the winner is a heart-wrenching task. “This is the hardest part. There isn't a post where the person doesn't deserve it. I have single-parent families and people who are victims of domestic violence, ”mentioned the contest organizer.

The amount of the vehicle offered as a gift is always valued at less than $ 5,000 . The advisor says he fully bears the bill.

“That Jon has been in my life, it's really appreciated,” said Junior Dufresne, one of the winners of this competition.

Junior Dufresne lived one of the worst years of his life in 2019 He was far from imagining that it was an auto sales consultant who would allow him to smile in these dark times. “It's an unexpected gift. This has really changed the situation, “noted Mr. Dufresne.

” Salary insurance is not where we make the most money. It would have been impossible for me to buy myself a vehicle, ”he added.

People can visit the Jon Don Beli Auto Facebook page to enter the contest.

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