Bigflo & Oli realize the dream of their father : he will release his first album !

Bigflo & Oli réalisent le rêve de leur père : il va sortir son premier album !

Bigflo & Oli : their father is going to release an album

The dream life continues for Bigflo & Oli but also for their parents, and more specifically, to their father, Fabian. On Twitter and Instagram, the brothers toulouse have announced some great news : their dad has just signed with the Universal group and their label Polydor to release his own album.

Himself a musician for 40 years, the father of Bigflo & Oli, Fabian, has rocked the two brothers in music from a young age. Today, after helping his two sons to become real heavyweights of the music industry in france, it is his turn to take the microphone.

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As were proudly shared Bigflo & Oli on Twitter and Instagram, their father will release his own album. The dream has been made possible by Universal, through the label Polydor on which were signed the two rappers, with which the ahs has signed this may 7, his contract with emotion.

Unlike some artists expected to have the albums for ages, dad, him, won’t make us wait too long to discover his plan, announced available “in the year”. And of course, something tells us that the voice of Bigflo & Oli should certainly be included in it at one time or another. Of what to remind them as “Dad” that Fabian shared with his son !

In the meantime you can listen to the sounds of the padre, we leave you with this extract in taste.


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