BigFlo & Oli very generous after their last concert : their incredible donation of 500 000 euros

BigFlo & Oli très généreux après leur dernier concert : leur incroyable don de 500 000 euros

BigFlo & Oli very generous after their last concert : their incredible donation of 500 000 euros

It is with a concert a bit special that BigFlo & Oli have completed their tour on Wednesday 12 February 2020 to Toulouse. And for good reason, the two brothers from toulouse have donated the profits to the Secours Populaire, adding each of their pocket. In total, they have offered a cheque of € 500 000 to the association !

It is with their single, As usual, extract from their album “The great court”, that BigFlo & Oli were needed in the music industry in 2015. Since then, the brothers toulouse strung albums, the tubes (Then, Shame on you, Dad, We also 2, Go home) and the tours. Their last (before their next album) has just ended in Zenith Toulouse on Wednesday 12 February 2020. For the event, Soprano, 47Ter, Kikesa or McSolaar have joined the two brothers in toulouse on stage. A particular concert, since it was a charity.

A cheque of 500,000 euros to the Secours Populaire

At the end of the evening, Florian and Olivio Ordonez have announced a good news : in a post shared on Instagram, the two brothers who have sold over a million albums have been found to have made a donation of 500,000 euros to the Secours populaire. “Yesterday, we gave a half a million euros to the Secours populaire ! Thanks to the public for the last concert of the tour before the next album ! (250 000 euros in profits to the Zenith, 50 000 euros by the Flo, and 50 000 euros of Oli and 150 000 euros of our company). Thank you all for coming, thank you to the teams who have made gifts and efforts to ensure that the evening costs the least possible. You can also participate at your level ! If you can’t give money try to give time, even one hour per month, for a cause that’s close to your heart, you will come out grown up. Love always wins !!”

A generous gift from the hand of BigFlo & Oli

A generous gift that the Relief Popular welcomed “Yesterday, our sponsors Bigflo and Oli have ended in beauty on tour with a #NuitSolidaire for the Secours Populaire. 500 000 euros have been donated by the artists ! A huge thank you to them, to their team and to all our volunteers mobilized”. This is not the first time that they show themselves to be generous : by the end of 2017, they have a tradition of organising a concert for the Secours populaire.

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