Bigflo & Oli would go on a trip with Jimmy Labeeu in the clip “Welcome home”to me

Clip “Welcome home” to me : Bigflo & Oli take us on a trip to Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux…

Make your suitcase and get ready to travel with the new clip Bigflo & Oli ! In Welcome to me, from the album “The dream life”, the two rappers take us with them to Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes or even in Belgium, where they found the YouTubeur Jimmy Labeeu.

Bigflo & Oli unveil the music video for Welcome to me

Before you take a break to “recover” and “rest”, Bigflo & Oli, continue to pleasure their fans. In particular, they have unveiled the music video for Welcome to me, the last excerpt from their album “The dream life”, in which they do not do things by halves as they travel in the 16 cities and 40 different locations : “We wanted to pay homage to all of the places through which we passed in tour“, explain the two brothers on YouTube.

Bigflo & Oli pass through Lyon, Bordeaux, Brest, Nantes, Rouen, Lille, Marseille, Saint Etienne, Paris, Montpellier, La Réunion, Strasbourg, Bastia, Geneva, Brussels (where they found Jimmy Labeeu) and among them, Toulouse, “the most beautiful city in the world“. Prepare to see a lot of landscapes in 4min38 only !

“I’m looking forward to this break”

After “Promises”, “On the moon”, “later”, “Papa”, and “We as 2”, the interpreters of Damage, we offer once again a clip quality. They will therefore have earned their break. “In a first time, we will have some rest, take a step back, make music without pressure and full of things that we don’t have the time to do that. I’m looking forward to this break, take advantage of it to create. It’s funny to say that we are going a little to find time for us, but I do not look forward to at all. We travelled a lot these past few years, but I look forward to doing it for fun” has entrusted Oli, in an interview with 20 minutes.

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