Bilal Hassani had there chances to win in the final of the Eurovision 2019 ? he answered (interview)

Bilal Hassani had there chances to win in the final of the Eurovision 2019 ? he answered (interview)

The stress climbs up to Bilal Hassani a few hours from the final of the Eurovision 2019, which takes place this Saturday 18 may 2019 to Tel Aviv ! In an interview with Purebreak x PureCharts, the interprère of “King” is assigned on the version he has prepared for the occasion, or even on its chances of winning. Interview.

The day has come ! This Saturday, may 18, 2019, Bilal Hassani will represent France at the Eurovision with the title “King”. Has the approach of the final, which took place in Tel Aviv, the former candidate of The Voice Kids is stressed, but anxious, as he said during an interview granted to PurebreakxPurecharts : “I’m afraid a little bit, but I’m especially in a hurry, I can wait, I want to go up on stage, sing my song and share the message of the King, with 200 million viewers. There are more people watching the Eurovision that people who watch the Superbowl so it makes a little bit of fear”.

Can he win ?

While his title “King” advocates tolerance and self-acceptance, he said he is “extremely proud of this piece” : “I think this is the song the most honest that I have been able to write with Madam Sir. I’m too proud of this title, it is very very important to me. It is a title that goes beyond wanting to meet, this is more of a message that I want to share”. If you think you have heard too much, know that Bilal provides a small remake of “King”, especially for the final of Eurovision : “we did not distort the song, you’re not going to discover a version deep house”, rest assured, he said.

“It can happen so much,”

Does he have a chance to win ? He does not know and refuses to look at the bookmakers, that the place and yet in the favorites : “you can’t control what will happen. The music, it really is something extremely subjective and it is very generational that it can happen. It can happen so many things, there are factors that we cannot control that make a song touch more or less”. We’ll see you this evening at 21h on France 2 in order to discover if this song will make the desired effect and has a chance to win the contest !


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