Bill 15: a specific children's commissioner called for for the First Nations

Bill 15: a specific commissioner for children is claimed; for First Nations

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Although they welcomed the tabling of the bill reforming youth protection, the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) and its Commission de la santé et des services sociaux (FNQLHSSC ) recalled on Wednesday that a commissioner for children and youth specific to First Nations was still requested.

The new bill 15 (PL-15), tabled by the Minister for Health, Lionel Carmant, on Wednesday, echoes the recommendations of the Laurent Commission report.

However, the recommendation “to establish a post of Deputy Commissioner and a team dedicated exclusively to issues surrounding Indigenous children with the Commissioner for Children's Welfare and Rights”, does not appear to have been considered.

< p> “Did the government ignore the 9th chapter of the report?” To ensure real equality, the systemic changes that the government intends to make must be accessible to First Nations children, regardless of their place of residence, “argued the AFNQL and the FNQLHSSC, in a press release.

Since the Laurent report was tabled, this recommendation has still not been implemented, even if the need is crying, reminded the Association.

“We recognize the efforts of the government of Quebec to respond, among other things, to the recommendations resulting from the report of the Laurent Commission; this is a great step forward in terms of youth protection for the children and families of the province, but which we consider insufficient for the children of the First Nations since self-determination is completely neglected in this bill ”, maintained Derek Montour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the FNQLHSSC.

“ This shows, once again, that the First Nations must continue to fight so that their realities and their demands are finally understood and listened to “, added the man.

” We have been closely monitoring the work related to this reform since the very beginning and we will be all the more on the lookout today with the filing of PL-15 ”, recalled the Chief of the AFNQL, Ghislain Picard.

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