Bill 21 taught as an example of Islamophobia in Ontario

Law 21 taught as an example of Islamophobia in Ontario

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The Legault government is outraged that Bill 21 is presented as a “clear example of Islamophobia” in a capsule paid for by the Ontario Ministry of Education and dedicated to schools in this province.

“[Since September 11, 2001] Muslims have been subject to increased control and marginalization due to overly Islamophobic laws. One of the most obvious current examples is the law on secularism in Quebec. “

This can be heard in a video produced by the Muslim Association of Canada for the Ontario Ministry of Education. The latter invested $ 225,000 for capsules like these to be used to fight Islamophobia in schools across the province of Canada.

According to the narrator of the video, the ban on religious symbols for some state employees, including teachers, provided for in the law, imposes “a 'disturbing choice' on Muslim women.”

“It undermines dignity and it goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ”, we can hear. & nbsp;

“ Insult to the nation ”

Called to react, the cabinet of Simon Jolin-Barrette, Minister of Justice and Minister responsible for Secularism, described as “completely unacceptable” this reference to Law 21.

“It is an insult to the Quebec nation and its democracy, but also to all the other states of law in the world which have chosen secularism. Ontario must change its mind. “

“Quebec has adopted a mode of organization of relations between the State and religions that reflects its historical background and its distinct social values,” added the cabinet, arguing that this was based on principles such as equality between citizens and freedom of conscience.

Ontario defends itself

For its part, the Ministry of Education of the 'Ontario told the Journal that these video clips are not part of the compulsory subject to be taught in its schools.

“The resources are dedicated to supporting teachers with in-class resources,” her spokesperson Monica Ahmed wrote, noting that these are aimed at students as well as parents and teachers.

The ministry has also refused to endorse the content of the capsules, even if it financed them.

“While the ministry values ​​its work with community organizations, the points of view expressed in any related publication to a project do not necessarily reflect those of the province and the Government of Ontario, ”Ahmed wrote.

The Ontario government announced the initiative last June, less than a month after the Islamophobic terrorist attack in London, in which a man killed four members of a single Muslim family while driving a van. The Legault government then denounced the “despicable” amalgamations of journalists and columnists from English-speaking Canada who made links between this attack and Bill 21.

Information campaign called for

The Rassemblement pour laïcité (RPL) argues for its part that the point of view in the video testifies to an ignorance of Quebec.

“They are in the process of say that the majority of Quebecers are hateful, are Islamophobic, says Nadia El-Mabrouk, member of the board of directors. It is time for the government of Quebec to launch a rigorous information campaign on secularism because Quebec is being demonized. ”

Adopted in 2019, the Law on state secularism is currently being challenged in court.

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