Bill 31: the concerns of pharmacists regarding the upcoming immunization

Projet de loi 31: inquiétudes des pharmaciens quant à la vaccination à venir

Pharmacists of Quebec anticipate a lack of preparation in the implementation of bill 31, which allows them to vaccinate clients, including the flu, and eventually the COVID-19.

“It’s going to take some training, but it is on pause,” pointed out to the government the association of pharmacists-owners.

The organization ensures that the pharmacists are willing to participate in the vaccination effort, but we want to ensure that everything will go the right way.

“The training has been interrupted because of the pandemic. This is 25 hours of training with a portion which must be made in person,” says Judith Choquette, a pharmacist from Longueuil who wishes for a fast recovery.


Many professionals see this approach to great not the immunization campaign fall for the flu without knowing what to expect.

“How will we organize ? It is an activity that is new for us, in a difficult environment, ” adds Ms. Choquette. It is a great concern because it is necessary to be ready for the fall and even more when the vaccine of the COVID-19 will arrive. It is hoped answers.”

His concern is shared by the president of the quebec Association of pharmacists-owners, Benoit Morin, who sees it as much more of a financial stake.

“We see them getting these vaccines out there. But there is no doubt also that the ability of vaccination will be reduced as a result of sanitary measures. This will be a greater cost than what had been negotiated at the outset”, said Mr. Morin, who links the question of vaccination to the requests for assistance made by his association to the provincial government.

“We want to participate in this effort for the COVID, it is obvious, but it is necessary to have the means to do so. We must have answers,” insists the president of the association.


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