Bill 6: without precedent since Duplessis, is worried about the opposition

Projet de loi 6: sans précédent depuis Duplessis, s’inquiète l’opposition

QUEBEC | The opposition fell to arm shortcuts on the bill 61 introduced by the government Legault in order to revive the economy by accelerating 202 infrastructure projects. At the point where the ex-chief prosecutor of the Charbonneau commission, Sonia Lebel, had to intervene to say that he did not break any rule put in place since the comprehensive survey on corruption.

In the hope of calming the growls, the prime minister, François Legault, is also said to be open to invite the auditor general to a parliamentary committee so that it can give its opinion on the imposing piece of legislation.

The government caquiste absolutely wants to adopt it by the 12th of June, in order to reduce administrative delays and extend the state of health emergency as much as he wants.

“The goal is to accelerate projects, to get people to work in the field of construction, quickly, because it has an unemployment rate that is very high, then these are all projects that are expected by the Quebecois”, was hammered by François Legault.

But the opposition parties see it as an indirect way to grant himself unprecedented power while causing the explosion of the costs of certain projects and a reduction of environmental measures.

“Why bother with rules when we just pass a law to prevent them? Is this the bill that is presented here, it is the project of the prime minister, that is to say, to govern with the least amount of barriers possible?” started the leader of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade.

“Since the regime of Maurice Duplessis, it is without precedent in Quebec, it is undeniable,” added his colleague, Marc Tanguay, at the end of a period of questions in a heated and fully devoted to this subject.

For the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, the prime minister opposed “economy and ecology” with his bill to boost the economy.

“They want to go quickly, quickly, quickly, but to force them to go fast, the challenge, the danger, that is to miss the green. Is it that the prime minister recognizes that it’s going to be a little bit too fast?” she asked.

The government “us magazine a second Charbonneau commission with a bad bill”, said the elected pq’s Martin Ouellet after the enumeration of the powers that the CAQ wanted to agree.

“The government gives itself powers almost unlimited expropriation, to ignore the environmental rules, to circumvent the rules of the municipal organizations and those of the development of the MRC”, a-t-he inter alia listed.

“I can assure you that the teachings, and the instructions, and the rules arising from the Charbonneau commission are very well integrated within this government”, said the minister of Justice and former chief prosecutor of the commission, Sonia Lebel.

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