Bill 61: François Legault request the support of the Quebec

Projet de loi 61: François Legault demande l’appui des Québécois

QUEBEC | with the support of cities, François Legault was sent to Quebec on Friday morning to seek their support in order to be adopted the draft law aimed at accelerating the construction of infrastructure to revive the economy post-pandemic.

“In the next few hours, the opposition parties will have to decide if yes or no, they want to help us relaunch the quebec economy and in order to quickly build schools, hospitals, transit projects and repair our roads maganées”, he wrote in a long message posted on his page in Facebook.

Unless a reversal in the last minute, the government Legault will be unable to accelerate the construction of 202 infrastructure projects this summer, due to fears of the opposition about the wide powers that are to be associated.

The government must at least ensure the support of the opposition parties to adopt the principle of the bill 61, a formality under normal circumstances. This would allow the extension of the session beyond Friday.

Facing the deadlock on Thursday evening, the mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, the Union of municipalities and the quebec Federation of municipalities have all expressed their support for the bill 61. They urged the parliamentarians to continue discussing in order for it to be adopted.

“The mayors of cities from all regions have increased the calls for the opposition to continue the discussions,” said François Legault, always on his page Facebook.

The liberal mna Gaétan Barrette was sent to journalists in order to propose a compromise. It suggests to split in two the draft law proposed by the government to adopt the “everything is relative to the economy quickly.

It relates to amendments to the environmental regulation would have rather discussed the return of the deputies to the national Assembly, in the fall.

“The ball is in their camp, my proposal is sensible”, he said.

Québec solidaire has agreed to adopt the sections “consensus” of the bill, and left to discuss the other in the fall, said the co-spokesman of the party, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.


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