Bill 61: Legault does not want to “lose the summer 2020”

Projet de loi 61: Legault ne veut pas «perdre l’été 2020»

Fearing of “losing the summer of 2020”, François Legault has launched a new call for cooperation to the opposition parties, on Thursday to adopt the draft law 61 by the end of the parliamentary session of the spring.

“We know, because of the outside temperature, the season of the outer construction, in Quebec, it is still limited, said François Legault. It is for this reason that we decided to introduce a bill quickly and work with the opposition.”

If it still does not have recourse to the gag to adopt its draft law 61 on the economic recovery because of the short time limits imposed on the opposition for his study, Francis Legault “excludes nothing” for the fall session.

“If our bill is not passed this spring, we will come back with our bill in the autumn”, stressed the prime minister, adding that his government was already working on the reduction of administrative delays prior to the onset of the pandemic.

“It is possible, there is no more fool than elsewhere in the world. The Québécois are able to make a CHSLD, let’s say, two years. There is no reason that it takes four years”, he launched.

The government Legault has filed on Thursday a further twenty amendments to its draft law on reviving the Quebec economy, in response to the request of the opposition parties, who have made common front against the bill Wednesday.

“I think we showed our good faith. We made a lot of amendments that were going in the direction of the three opposition parties,” said François Legault.

Friction with the federal

The negotiations with Ottawa seem to be more and more difficult for the government Legault, both on the question of the presence of the military of the canadian armed Forces in NURSING homes on the federal transfers to the provinces.

François Legault said that only 400 military personnel are still in the CHSLD du Québec, while some 350 others are outside, in supervision.

“I don’t understand the ratio,” said the prime minister, who would find at least 1000 soldiers until the 15 September, the time to complete the accelerated training of orderlies.

Another point of discord between the federal and provincial governments : François Legault said he had concerns about the conditions laid down by Ottawa for the transfer of a sum of $ 14 billion to the provinces. It will be discussed during the call between the premiers and Justin Trudeau later Thursday.

The minister, Caroline Proulx will reveal also this afternoon a plan of $ 750 million to help the tourism sector.

In short:

  • A “total containment” is not envisaged by the public health in the event of a second wave of the pandemic, said Dr. Horacio Arruda.
  • François Legault, said he had concerns about the conditions laid down by Ottawa for the transfer of a sum of $ 14 billion to the provinces.
  • 34 000 candidates met the criteria and agreed to the conditions laid down by the government to have access to the accelerated training of the attendant to the beneficiaries.

– With the collaboration of Vincent Larin


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