Bill 61: Québec files a twenty amendments

Projet de loi 61: Québec dépose une vingtaine d’amendements

Criticized from all sides for a week, the government Legault has filed on Thursday a further twenty amendments to its draft law on reviving the Quebec economy, in response to the requests of the opposition parties.

The president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, has indicated that they have “moved on all requests” made by the opposition the day before. “It’s not denatured in any way, the bill, not at all “, he said, however.

Quebec seeks to gain the support of opposition parties for the bill, which aims to accelerate the achievement of 202 infrastructure projects in order to accelerate the recovery of the economy, leaded by the COVID-19.

There are several groups, however, came to say by a parliamentary committee that the original wording would give too much power to the government.


At the heart of concerns, article 50, which empowered the government to grant contracts otc has been removed. However, it has been replaced by a new article which grants powers similar to municipalities.

On the extension of state of emergency, which continued indefinitely in the first version, it is limited in the amendment or by the normal end as provided by the public health Act, or October 1, 2020.

Legault increases the pressure

The blue Room, the prime minister increased the pressure on Thursday. Then he put up here a recourse to the gag, François Legault has referred to its use during the next parliamentary session. “I said from the beginning, there is no question of imposing a gag order this spring, before the summer”, a-t-it launched during the question period.

“Mr. President, if the opposition do not accept to work together on this bill, we will come back in the fall to save the summer of 2021, summer 2022. Mr. Chairman, what we want to know from the opposition today, it is this : that they are in agreement on the principle? It is necessary to decide if, by tomorrow, if the opposition are agreed on the principle, from the next week, study article by article. If oppositions refuse the principle, well, we will come back in the fall, we will have lost a summer, and then it will be at opposition, actually, to explain it to their citizens,” said Mr. Legault.

In response, the leader of the liberal Dominique Anglade replied that these are the health rules, so unable to sit on the 125 members at the same time, which prevent at this time the government to impose the adoption as a gag.

On Twitter, the professor of public law at the Faculty of law of Laval University, Patrick Taillon, however, has questioned this interpretation. “Quick reading of the procedure suggests to me that it doesn’t change anything. Politically, however, the consensus transpartisan on the operation to 37 could be shattered if [the] fast-track procedure is imposed”,-he wrote.

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