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Bill Cosby will appeal his conviction for sexual assault of a minor

Bill Cosby to appeal conviction for sexual assault of minor


LOS ANGELES | Bill Cosby will appeal the jury verdict of a California court that found him guilty of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in 1975, a spokesperson for the former American actor announced on Wednesday. strong> 

The Fallen Glory of American Television has been ordered to pay $500,000 in damages.

This civil decision is the only valid conviction to date targeting the actor, now 84, who has been accused of various sexual assaults by dozens of women.

According to Variety magazine, a spokesperson for Bill Cosby called the decision a “stunning victory” for the actor, insisting however that the latter would appeal.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), the actor and comedian Bill Cosby has been awarded a stunning victory by jurors in a civil trial initiated by Judy Huth,” spokesman Andrew Wyatt said.

“Jurors have decided to award a $500,000 verdict for Judy Huth, but voted 9 to 3 not to award any punitive damages to Mrs. Huth,” he continued.

During two weeks of hearings in a Santa Monica court, Judy Huth's defense claimed that the comedian, met on a film set, had made her drink a large quantity of alcohol before taking her to the Playboy Mansion of his friend Hugh Hefner and sexually assaulting him in a bedroom of the mansion, in Los Angeles.

No criminal proceedings have been carried out, because Judy Huth, now aged 64 years, filed suit in 2014, after the statute of limitations had passed.

In California, however, the law allows civil lawsuits to be brought against adults who remember sexual assaults that occurred during their childhood, even if the statute of limitations has passed for years.

“D' Within weeks, (Bill Cosby's) attorney Jennifer Bonjean will be in (…) court to appeal the $500,000 verdict, meaning Ms Huth will never receive a check from Mr Cosby “, Says the press release from Andrew Wyatt.

Judy Huth’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said that the sum decided by the jury “proves that they believed her”.

A total of 60 women have publicly accused Bill Cosby of being a calculating sexual predator who used alcohol and sleeping pills to abuse his victims for decades.

L he actor, who played the ideal father for millions of Americans in the “Cosby Show” series between 1984 and 1992, has always denied, assuring that sexual relations were granted.

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