Bill Gates sweeps up the conspiracy theories accusing it of the pandemic

Bill Gates balaie les théories du complot l’accusant de la pandémie

The american billionaire Bill Gates was swept away Thursday, the conspiracy theories spread on social networks, who accuse him of being at the origin of the pandemic Covid-19.

“This is a bad combination of a pandemic, social networks, and people who are looking for simple explanations”, he said in an interview to CNN.

Fake, newspaper articles and photos that have been tampered with have become viral on the social networks, shared in many languages. A video accuses Bill Gates of wanting to “eliminate 15% of the population” under the guise of vaccination of the population. It has been seen millions of times on YouTube.

“Our foundation has given more money than any other group to buy vaccines to save lives,” insisted Bill Gates, saying that it hoped that these conspiracy theories will not make the population refractory to the vaccine, when it will be developed.

It has allocated $ 250 million for the fight against the pandemic Covid-19, and its foundation, has invested billions of dollars in the past 20 years in the development of health systems in the poorest countries.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the teams of “fact-checking” of the AFP have flushed rumors anti-Bill Gates by the dozens, in many languages and on various social networks, from Facebook to Instagram.

Bill Gates, who calls us to distribute medicines and vaccines to those who need it, and not to the highest bidder, is accused of exploiting the crisis to “control the people”, but also of a plot to poison mass in Africa. Others provide that he was arrested by the FBI for “biological terrorism”.

“I deeply believe in the fact that the truth will be recognized”, and these conspiracy theories thwarted, has added Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is one of the leading favorite of the trolls and other conspiracy theorists who offer explanations of the most crazy to the pandemic.

Beyond Bill Gates, the pandemic has fuelled the theses complotistes but also the rumors and “fake news”, particularly in Latin America.

In Ecuador, for example, it has led in its wake a trail of false information, ranging from corpses thrown into the sea to the discovery of the dead on the beaches, passing by the proliferation of miracle cures.

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