Bill Morneau and WE Charity: the conservatives called for an investigation

Bill Morneau et WE Charity: les conservateurs demandent une enquête

OTTAWA-The conservatives are asking the commissioner of conflict of interest and ethics focus on the case of the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, whose daughters have worked for the famous agency WE Charity.

In a letter sent Friday to commissioner Mario Dion, the conservative mp Pierre Poilievre points out that the minister of Finance has broken the Law on conflict of interest in taking part in the Council of ministers in the discussions surrounding the grant to this charitable organization for the management of a scholarship program.

According to the official Opposition, Mr. Morneau would have had to withdraw from the talks, knowing that two of his daughters have gravitated to the toronto-based.

The “Journal de Montreal” has indeed revealed on Friday that the adoptive daughter of the minister had secured a paid job for WE Charity in 2019. Another of his children, Clare Morneau, has received support from the agency when she took out a book on refugee girls in Kenya, in 2016. She has also delivered keynote speeches at events organized by WE Charity, but has not been paid for this, has assured the office of the minister Friday.

These revelations add to the controversy surrounding the award of the contract without a tender of $19.5 million.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau is on the hot seat for more than a week, because his family is also directly involved in WE Charity. Initially, many had raised doubts on this contract since the prime minister’s wife, Sophie Grégoire, was ambassador of WE Charity.

Then, it was learned that the mother and the brother of Justin Trudeau, and Margaret Alexander, had also been paid in the past by this organization.

In total, the clan Trudeau has touched $ 280,000 in stamp for his involvement between 2016 and 2020, while Justin Trudeau was in power.

WE Charity, also known under the name of “UNITED” in French, was given the mandate to manage and distribute $ 900 million in scholarships for the volunteer student. The contract has since been cancelled.

In addition to the outcry caused by the proven links between ” WE the Charity and the family of the most powerful men in the government, the charity has recently been accused of racism and abuse of power by former employees.

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