Billie Eilish was inspired by her iron deficiency for her latest perfume

Billie Eilish was inspired by her iron deficiency for her latest perfume


Singer Billie Eilish first ventured into the world of perfume in November 2021 with Eilish N°1. 

She recently released the second titled Eilish #2. Speaking to Harper's Bazaarof the inspiration behind the fragrance, she said, “The things I was thinking about for this one were rain, water, and a kind of silver, metallic, dark world. I just wanted rain and water, but also drops and mist – anything that looked like something wet, basically.”

And to add: “I had a lot of inspiration in dark and abyssal places, and this is what I saw in my head. I also really liked the idea of ​​pine, woods, pepper and things like that, which were my main inspirations for Eilish #2. I've always had an iron deficiency, and so when I was younger – and honestly still today – I really liked the taste of metal. It has this specific, almost sweet, but dark, cold taste, and I wanted Eilish No. 2 to feel kind of like in a weird way.”

Describing her second fragrance as sensual and mysterious , she specifies that if the perfume is housed in a female bust, like the first, this time the bottle is black as opposed to gold. Talking about the process of creating a perfume, the 21-year-old said it was helpful to have more knowledge the second time around.

“It was good to already know in what I was getting on board and knowing what was coming, so I was ready for all the things, all the little steps in between,” she revealed.