Billionaire donates $100 million to Taiwan

Billionaire donates $100M to Taiwan


The founder of the world's second-largest semiconductor company, Robert Tsao, donated $100 million to Taiwan on Friday, citing the need to counter “Communist Party demonism Chinese”. 

In a press conference in Singapore, the billionaire called on civilization to unite to counter the threat from China.

“ You know, we have to make people see the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party, by offering our support to the Taiwanese army, he mentioned.

“Human rights, democracy, freedom” 

The 75-year-old wishes to offer such a sum to the army of this territory claimed by China to improve its defense capabilities against the Chinese giant, according to ” Taiwan News”.

“The Chinese Communist Party does not follow the rule of law and has continued to persecute thousands of people for years,” he said.

At the end of say course, he called on island residents not to vote for political parties that want to “reunify” the territory with China.